Think Brick and Say Clay Workshops

Think Brick and Say Clay Workshops are two workshops held within Triplex Confinium Erasmus+ project.

Think Brick was first one held on September 2021 in Jimbolia and Timisoara (Romania). Theme of the workshop was reinterpreting building process and design strategies with brick. The workshop provided basic skills for novel design and construction techniques with brick. Students learnt how to parametrically generate brick walls and patterns and how such walls can be fabricated. Students gained basic skills in parametric design with Rhino/Grasshopper as well as basic understanding of contemporary digital fabrication approaches for brick construction.

Participating students: Oana-Gabriela Stoian, László Bilák, Giovana Benvenuto, Meda Cotei, Gordana Savković, Jacqueline Iancu and Natália Ferenczi

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Say Clay was the second workshop held on April 2022 in Novi Sad and Kikinda (Serbia). The workshop offered students the opportunity to dive into the field of integrated design approach. This approach combines both the computational design and fabrication using industrial robots. The design theme was a non-traditional interpretation of ornament design in the form of clay relief panels. The focus was on the fabrication of the molds for those panels to be used in wall tiling.

The workshop consisted of several phases – design of relief clay panels; design of molds for the panels; preparation of the code for robotic fabrication; robotic fabrication of molds out of Styrofoam; forming the clay according to prior molds; air-drying and baking the panels.

Results of workshop are physical prototypes of clay panels presented on Triplex Confinium Multiplier event.

Participating students: Oana-Gabriela Stoian, Giovana Benvenuto, Lucia Bolojan and Alexandra Pestritu

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