Foldable shelters workshop was very successful

Digital Design Center, FTN, Novi Sad hosted 30 students form BNCA Digital Architecture college, Pune, India, on the workshop aiming to create and show strategies for flat packable and floatable emergency shelter design. We enjoyed this event very much and we

DDC on BETA 2018 Exhibition

We are very happy to announce that the experimental project FlexiSPOT Pavilion was selected in the first 40 projects in the category Initiative/Experiments/Visions in Architecture at the BETA 2018 exhibition, set to be held in October in Timisoara, Romania. The project will be publicly

“How do we represent architectural objects” on Researchers night 2018

We were at the event Researchers night 2018 this year devoted to cultural heritage, and we will presented different ways to approach of cultural heritage representations.  VR tour through Novi Sad city center and scale model of the same area were presented. Virtual Reality (VR) is a set

Our students won 1st prize on the FAB FEST 2018

A team of a bachelor students from the Department of Architecture and Urbanism represented the Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad at the FAB FEST 2018 competition in the field of architectural and artistic digital fabrication, which is held each year

DDC Projects on the 21st Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad

Five projects from Digital Design Center were presented on the 21st Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad. The SPOT, Pinoles showroom design, Igloo pavilion, FlexiSPOT pavilion and Tessellated shell pavilion which received SPECIAL MENTION in category Experiment in Architecture!

Digital Design Center

Digital Design Center is founded in 2014 on the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. Aim of the center is research, developing and implementation of contemporary technologies in architectural design. Research areas are parametric modeling, geometric optimization in