Terracotta Panels are created within the Triplex Confinium Erasmus+ project. The idea was creating parametric molds for clay panels molding by using hot-wire robotic fabrication. Molds are fabricated with utilization of custom shaped hot wire profile which carved EPS panels and created waved cannelures. Parametric algorithm created for the purpose of fabrication is taking into consideration the differentiation of cannelure width, depth and slope along its pathway and adjusting the position and rotation of hot wire tool. The challenge was to speed up the process of CNC mold fabrication in this manner. It was created 18 molds of size 50x33cm to cover 3m² of wall. Molding and baking of clay plates was performed in the Terra studio in Kikinda.

Terracotta Panels were presented on the Think brick – Say clay exhibition held within Erasmus+ project Triplex Confinium multiplier event. The exhibition was held on April 15 2022 in Terra studio in Kikinda, Serbia.

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Credits: dr Marko Jovanović, Marko Vučić, dr Vesna Stojaković and dr Bojan Tepavčević

Collaborators: Ivana Vrtunski, Lidija Gigović and Jelena Pepić