Terracotta PanelsTerracotta Panels are created within the Triplex Confinium Erasmus+ project. The idea was creating parametric molds for clay panels molding by using hot-wire robotic fabrication.
ArtZept Art Wall InstallationThe image was made to represent Zepter’ vision - a philosophy of healthy living and perfection aimed at maintaining the health of present and future generations and solving ecological problems. The main motive was to create a connection between nature and built the environment.
ID pavilionID pavilion is a structure made at a workshop within the subject of Digital fabrication in the master program Digital technics, design and production in architecture. The aim was to fabricate a structure that has an irregular complex construction using mixed reality tool Hololens.
Zero Waste Manufactured Freeform EPS FacadeThe extruded and expanded polystyrene for building's insulation has been used mostly in form of blocks. Additionally, polystyrene has a large potential for being sculpted into curved forms at an expense of material waste.
String ArtStringing threads around pins and arranging them in such a manner that they form noticeable geometric patterns or shapes has been present for decades.
Creperie Panuša interior designInterior design for Panuša creperie is a project produced in a collaboration between    Digital Design Center (DDC- make spin-off) and Modelart Architects studio with an aim to create unique, modern, authentic space in order to represent attractiveness, creativity and distinct culinary approach ...
Curved wallCurved wall is a project where we tested a cost-efficient fabrication process based on kerf bending, a manufacturing strategy which bends materials using a series of cuts called ‘kerfs’, to deform planar sheet materials and as a result achieve freeform surface.
VR Tour and physical model of Novi Sad city centerVirtual reality technology, among other things, provides an innovative approach to the presentation of architectural objects to explore the environment in the third dimension.
PorosityPorosity presents a research into the integrated design and fabrication approach of porous surfaces in architecture. The structure is fabricated out of foamed polystyrene by removing portions of its volume.
Pinoles showroom designPinoles Company presented their products on the Belgrade Furniture Fair 2017. In order to host visitors in comfortable and warm space, Pinoles offered plywood elements created in collaboration with Digital Design Center ( DDC- make arch-tech startup group ).
FlexiSPOT pavilionFlexispot is the pavilion made for the Scinece Fesival 2017 in Novi Sad. It is made out of materials with low stiffness but constructed in a way to achieve high stiffness when all pieces are combined.
Fiat showroom designOn Belgrade Car Showroom 2017 brands Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep presented their products in two locations. In order to highlight the elegance and modern design of their cars, one part of the showroom design was parametrically designed wall. Design follows the fluid lines creating motion illusion.
The SPOT stores interior designThe Spot is a new premium multibrand chain of sporting goods store, which currently has three retail spaces in Belgrade and Novi Sad.
Igloo pavilionIgloo pavilion is experimental full scale model designed for the Festival Researchers' Night in Novi Sad, Serbia 2016. Pavilion follows structurally informed design with robotic fabrication. Material used in this project is styrofoam formed in conical hexagonal blocks.
Shark Skin PanelsShark Skin panels represent biomimetic structure designed, analyzed and generated by digital tools and technology. Specific characteristics of shark skin denticles are inspiration for the designed biomimetic panels. Shark skin denticles geometry minimizes the turbulence of the water in micro scale.
Tessellated Shell PavilionThe Pavilion combines tessellation design logic with friction fit connection system that does not need glue or mechanical fasteners. Pavilion form is a result of structural form finding process with RhinoVault tool.
FABRixel- Contemporary ImprintsFabrixel - Contemporary Imprints is an art installation representing the relationship between humans and nature as a work of art. The installation is designed to symbolically represent the variable and interactive natural environment.
Diamond wallDiamond wall is project designed for the 15th aniversary of Austrotherm in Serbia and fabricated in foam with industrial robot. Diamond wall consists of 40 piramidal shaped EPS blocks arranged with parametric controlled radial pattern based on distribution of points (voronoi cells).
Flat spaceFlat space illusion is an anamorphic sculpture made of flat wooden panels. It is double anamorphosis, which means two illusionistic images can be observed from two different viewpoints.
Parametric bench Parametric bench is done as part of the project Dizajnovi junaci  (Design Heroes) with the organization Barabarka. The aim of this project is children inclusion through design education.
Digitally fabricated brick wallDigitally fabricated brick wall is related with previous project Bricklaying freeform wall. Industrial robot arm is used for robotic assembly of MDF bricks. Position of brick is defined in parametric environment grasshopper and rotation of MDF bricks is determined by grayscale map.
Triangle pavilionThe Triangle pavilion combines tessellation design logic with friction fit connection system that does not need glue or mechanical fasteners.
PUZZLE - freeform foam wallIn this project a novel methodology is proposed for digital workflow and fabrication of freeform shell structures made from foam materials utilizing robot hot-wire cutting tool.
Hedgehog pavilion modelHedgehog pavilion is experimental model designed for the Science Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia 2014. Structure uses folding design logic for shading panels in order to increase performative capacities in reference to both radiation protection and daylight utilization.