Pinoles Company presented their products on the Belgrade Furniture Fair 2017. In order to host visitors in comfortable and warm space, Pinoles offered plywood elements created in collaboration with Digital Design Center ( DDC- make arch-tech startup group ). Elements are both wall sculptures and benches where visitors can take the rest and get informations about Pinoles products. Benches are fabricated out of 15mm thick plywood sclices, while wall sculptures are formed out of extended every third bench slice.23331318_936069569878639_3822774398533277079_o23270318_936068993212030_3470459752613800437_o 23331349_936069509878645_6587634317007718048_o 23331495_936069263212003_7422857962887675729_o

Credits: dr Vesna Stojaković, dr Bojan Tepavčević, Dejan Mitov