ID pavilion is a structure made at a workshop within the subject of Digital fabrication in the master program Digital technics, design and production in architecture.
The aim was to fabricate a structure that has an irregular complex construction using mixed reality tool Hololens. Elements in reality were aligning with the holographically projected model. Using this tool with the Fologram application shortened the fabrication time to the extent that there was no need to mark the elements, total time consumption took setting the elements in accordance with the holographic projection. The result of the workshop is the ID pavilion, which shows how it is possible to assemble complex structures only by using mixed reality. The material used for the primary construction was GFRP rods, and a ribbed plastic hose was used for the linear cover which reminds of a fingerprint pattern.


DSC05380 DSC05407 DSC05552

Credits: Marko Vučić, dr Bojan Tepavčević

Collaborators: Jelena Pepić, Jelena Vasiljević, Aleksandar Krnjaić, Stefan Milović, Zoran Otrupčak, Stefan Pejić, Nikola Rađenović