As part of the Master Program Digital Techniques, Design and Production in Architecture and Urbanism, a one-year postgraduate studies at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, at the course Digital fabrication, students created 1:1 scale paper models for building facades by using laser cutters. Within the course students researched and modeled the design which relies on logic and technique of the thin planar material folding in order to apply it as element or parametric facade module. Results of project are prototypes of facade elements created by utilizing tools for parametric modeling and digital fabrication with laser cutting.

The course was held in February 2015 as a collaboration between the Graz University of Technology and the University of Novi Sad and was designed and lead by Ass. Prof. Dr. Milena Stavric, Ass Prof. Dr. Albert Wiltsche headed by the Institute of Architecture and Media Graz University of Technology.

The exhibition was held in MUWA museum of perception in Graz, Austria on March 2015.

Participants: Balint Boglarka, Dejan Folic, Guzina Bojana, Jekic Jovana, Jovanovic Natasa, Kicanovic Jelena, Leskovac Stefan, Ljuboja Igor, Nadj Igor, Nesic Milica, Mastilovic Marija, Mitrovic Dragana, Petrovic Milena, Ristic Jelena, Vucic Marko, Mirjana Zivanov from the University of Novi Sad and the Dragana Tepic from University of Banja Luka.

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