Fabrixel – Contemporary Imprints is an art installation representing the relationship between humans and nature as a work of art. The installation is designed to symbolically represent the variable and interactive natural environment.
This 3d wall installation seems to change, depending on the observer’s position, representing the versatility of scenery depictions viewed from a human’s perspective.
The installation interacts with the light in a specific way. Intriguing visual property of the installation pertains to the different visual appearance of the light coming from the other side of the wall. As the observer moves, the light will be seen passing though different straws and the observer feels that the light follows and adapts.
Furthermore, the relationship between the visual and the tangible properties of the digitally fabricated structures is explored. The straws form a rectangular grid with the unique inclination angle for each, drilled by an industrial robot. The angle of the inclination is what generates an image. With the change of the inclination angle, the straws cover the surface of the wall, mimicking the pixel tone. The installation is designed as an anamorphic image observable from a single point, but tangible properties of the structure come into focus, with a continual position-based change of visual appearance.

Fabrixel from Digital Design Center on Vimeo.

gradijent krugovi 05 res3m3_6DSC01243d za sajt DSC01255c za sajt

Credits: Vesna Stojaković, Marko Jovanović, Dejan Mitov, Bojan Tepavčević, Ivana Bajšanski, Marko Vučić

Collaborators: Jovica Tasevski, Mirko Raković