Virtual reality technology, among other things, provides an innovative approach to the presentation of architectural objects to explore the environment in the third dimension. We presented an interactive tour of the part of the historic city center of Novi Sad created by students of architecture and the Digital Design Center at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad at the event Researchers night 2018. The presentation was shown using VR headset, which provides a realistic view and “virtual walk” through the Dunavska and Zmaj Jovina Street in Novi Sad.

Digital Design Center na Noći istraživača 2018 from Digital Design Center on Vimeo.

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We also presented physical model of the same part of the Novi Sad. This project is also produced by students of Architecture, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad.

With these two projects, one physical and one virtually generated, we wanted to show how 3D space of an old part of the city can be represented and experienced.

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