Curved wall is a project where we tested a cost-efficient fabrication process based on kerf bending, a manufacturing strategy which bends materials using a series of cuts called ‘kerfs’, to deform planar sheet materials and as a result achieve freeform surface. To fabricate double curved surfaces there are many complex and expensive methods that can be applied, such as molding, 3D printing or CNC miling. In our approach narrow stripes of thin kerfed material, are bent over subconstruction, in this case waffle structure.

DSC09666bDSC09595a DSC09638aDSC09671a


Credits: Dejan Mitov, dr Bojan Tepavčević, dr Vesna Stojaković, dr Ivana Bajšanski

Collaborators: Andrijana Kovačević, Katarina Spasić, Andrija Mihelčić