On January 16th 2018, a contract was signed between the Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad and the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases from Sremska Kamenica. The contract defines the cooperation framework for conjoined realization of the scientific-research project named “VR Heart Surgery Simulation System”. The project’s goal is to implement VR in training cardio surgery medical staff by creating a specific VR simulation system.

The contract was signed by prof. dr Aleksandar Redžek, representing IKVB, the Faculty of Technical Sciences’ dean prof. dr Rade Doroslovački and prof. dr Darko Reba in front of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, where the VR laboratory is located in and where the project will take place. The initiators of this project and cooperation, dr Živorad Jonjev, cardio surgeon and coordinator of the project for IKVB and prof. dr Predrag Šiđanin, the VR laboratory administrator and the team coordinator for the FTN, attended the signing of the contract, as well as vice dean for science and international cooperation, prof. dr Dragan Šešlija.

Both partners have expressed the desire and hope that with this cooperation, a significant contribution to further development of cardio surgery practice in Serbia will be made, especially when training younger surgeons. With this project, new chapters of joined scientific research field will be opened, contributing to further development, knowledge improvement and the possibilities of future cooperation for implementing virtual and augmented reality in cardio surgery.

Posle potpisivanja ugovora

After signing the contract

Prof dr Aleksandar Redyek potpisuje ugovor

Prof. dr Aleksandar Redžek signing the contract

prof dr Darko Reba potpisuje ugovor

Prof. dr Darko Reba signing the contract

prof dr Rade Doroslobvacki potpisuje ugovor

Prof. dr Rade Doroslovački signing the contract

Prof Šiđanin, dr Redžek, prof Doroslovački, dr Jonjev, prof Šešlija

Prof Šiđanin, dr Redžek, prof Doroslovački, dr Jonjev, prof Šešlija