In this research, unitized predetermined size MDF bricks, are laid by a robotic arm to form a wall shape. Software used for geometry generation and parametric manipulation is Rhinoceros, in conjunction with its plug-in, Grasshopper. Software used for generating instructions for robot arm to follow is RobotStudio, with its programming language RAPID. Custom Grasshopper add-on is written in C# programming language, mediating between an architectural design program and robotic arm manipulation program.  It enables  automaticaly generation of RAPID code in accordance to the Grasshopper generated geometries of walls.


DSC_0251 copy


Credits: Dr Bojan Tepavčević,  Marko Jovanović, Digital Design Center, FTN, University of Novi Sad

Collaboratorion: Dr Mirko Raković, Chair of Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation, FTN, University of Novi Sad