Mongeometrija 2018



Mongeometrija 2018

The conference will take place at the Faculty of technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTN)

Faculty of Technical Sciences is the largest faculty in Serbia and it has 32 research centers, 97 laboratories. There are 1112 employees at the Faculty, of which 387 are professors and lecturers, 299 lecturer assistants and 176 researches. The Faculty’s activities are threefold: education, research, and applied research. Faculty of Technical Sciences provides higher education in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, software, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer graphics, mathematics, arts and humanities. Faculty of Technical Sciences envelopes many different fields, and therefore provides an environment for interdisciplinary research. Digital Design Center is one of the Faculty’s research centres dedicated to developing and investigating application of new technologies in architecture, urban planning and design.


Novi Sad

In addition to your professional experience in Mongeometrija 2018 Conference, you will have the occasion to visit  Novi Sad. Novi Sad is a city to enjoy, to walk and to discover. It has a large cultural and leisure offer. One of the first impressions the city makes is that it is a city of well-tended beauty. Its architecture and spirit have been shaped by many a nation. Easy-going and surrounded by fertile lowland, Fruška Mountain and the Danube, the capital city of Vojvodina is a pearl amongst the Serbian cities.

Come and live this unique experience at Mongeometrija 2018 Conference!