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Designing complexity

The continuous technological development proliferates the complex relationships in both abstract and the real world environment and shapes the society in a new way. Digital design tools and techniques, production and scientific methods provide a good foundation for a new interpretation of the geometry and complex design in the contemporary age. Different levels and aspects of complexity influence the design appearance and make the designers rethink the design process, since possibilities of integration of the complexity into the core of the design process continually increases.
In architecture, design and art, geometry and complexity are present in many ways. The exhibition ”Designing complexity” focuses on the re-embodiment of geometry and complexity in architecture, design and art which relates the digital technologies and innovative design approaches.

Important dates
Entries open: 1. December 2018.
Entries close: 2. April 2018.
Notification of acceptance and registration opening: 14. April 2018.
Final poster submission: 7. May 2018.
Exhibition: 8. June 2018

List of accepted submissions

Authors of accepted submissions should send the poster in .JPG format to mongeometrija@gmail.com e-mail address (mail subject DC POSTER) until  May 7th.
You can download template for poster formatting here:
Poster printing is included in exhibition registration fee.

Video material should be also sent to mongeometrija@gmail.com e-mail address until May 7th.

Physical model should be transported to site until May 25th.
It can be sent to this address:
Department of Architecture (for Mongeometrija), Faculty of Technical Sciences, Trg Dositeja Obradovica 6, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.

If you are visiting the exhibition and plan to bring the physical model with you, please contact the organizers (mongeometrija@gmail.com).

For special requirements please contact the organizers (mongeometrija@gmail.com). 


Selection Committee

Organising institutions
Serbian Society for Geometry and Graphics, www.sugig.mongeometrija.com
International Society for Geometry and Graphics, www.isgg.net
Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, www.ftn.uns.ac.rs
Digital Design Center, www.arhns.uns.ac.rs/cdd