Digital fabrication workshop “Unrolling complexities” has been held at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoka, Romania, as a part of Erasmus+ teaching mobility programme from 26-30 june 2017.  The main topic for the workshop was design and optimization with developable surfaces. First design task was directed toward implementation of specific modeling tools (KingKong, FabTools add-ons for Grasshopper) for creation of developable structures. Second task pertains with implementation of other software tools ( Evolute D.Loft) for creation of developable strips for covering “waffle” structural systems.

Workshop organization: Erasmus+ Invited instructor Bojan Tepavčević, University of Novi Sad (Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Digital Design Center), Andrei Kiss and Andrei Nejur Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

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