The Spot is a new premium multibrand chain of sporting goods store, which currently has three retail spaces in Belgrade and Novi Sad. When working on the interior design, the aim of architects from Modelart Architects and the Digital Design Center ( DDC- make arch-tech startup group ) was to create a dynamic, modern and distinctive space tailored to customers that create their own style and identity. In the intake zone of each of the three stores the network of triangular elements represents the geometrical form of the parametric modeling, and then was produced using digital fabrication (CNC). The design is based on two key words: dynamics and identity. On the one hand, the form is associated with movement and sport, in accordance with the use of space. On the other hand, this structure is the visually dominant element of space, which creates identity and recognition. Triangular scheme was chosen because of its flexibility and adaptability to different areas, while preserving the concept and recognition. In accordance with this, the material was selected, it fits perfectly to the concept. Triangular elements were cut out of HDF board with the brushed copper finish (HPL boards), and then connected to an organic form. Reflective copper triangles combined with the backlight at the same time emphasizes the modern, youthful spirit, but also elegance and timeless values.


The Spot Belgrade Knez Mihajlova 1a

The Spot Novi Sad retail 1




BG Knez Mihajlova_MG_1270-HDR(3)Credits: dr Bojan Tepavčević, Dejan Mitov, Krsto Radovanović, Bojan Mitov i Jelena Mitov