V. Stojaković, I. Bajšanski, 2013.  Proceedings of XXIV Cipa Symosium – 2013, INSA, Strasbourg, France, pp. 295-300

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present image-based recording of the unprotected architectural heritage in threat and its advantages integrating different modeling methods. Considering the construction problems in unprotected buildings we applied variations of low-budget image-based 3D modeling reconstructions techniques and built the complete virtual 3D reconstruction of highly damaged church of St. Rudolph in Banostor. The resulting model reveals many construction and design details that can not be perceived by a simple observing.
In this paper, the importance of integrating a variety of measuring and modeling methodologies in order to achieve digital reconstruction of the unapproachable ruined building is demonstrated. The paper describes survey techniques and workflow, focusing on advantages as well as problems and limitations of each method.

Online version of article: Image-based surveying and modeling of the unprotected architectural heritage – a case study of st. Rudolf’s church