Workshop 2: Design based on structural performance optimization

The workshop will focus on design based on structural performance and fabrication of complex structures made from planar sheet elements. Various procedures for geometric and structural optimization will be discussed and explored in order to achieve and show relationship between structural behaviour, form-finding strategies and advanced material design. Parametric design environment (Rhinoceros +Grasshoper) will be used together with  most advanced tools for surface panelization such as EvoluteTools or structural based form-finding techniques (such as RhinoVault).

Participants will first explore the concept of self-supporting and tensile structures utilizing structural stability as main performance criteria. Furthermore, additional parameters will be introduced in the form generation process such as surface tessellation and planarization algorithms. Expected result of the workshop will be model designed fabricated and assembled to verifythe stability in real world examples.

Tutors: Bojan Tepavčević, Dejan Mitov, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Participants: max 18

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